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· Provide foundation subgrade evaluations and structural fill monitoring and testing services in accordance with the report of Geotechnical Exploration and applicable contract documents.


· Perform reinforcing steel and anchoring device inspections prior to concrete placement. These inspections will also include seismic anchoring devices when the Seismic Design Category dictates these inspections.


· Monitor and test  the placement of cast-in-place concrete for temperature (ASTM C-1064), slump (ASTM C-143), air content (ASTM C-231), and mold and cure compressive strength specimens

      (ASTM C-39) for compliance with the contract documents.


· Monitor and inspect the placement and erection tolerances of concrete masonry unit (CMU) construction.  These inspections will be performed for compliance with the contract documents and ACI 530.1-02. During construction, the CMU block will be sampled and tested in accordance with ASTM C-140 for compliance with ASTM C-90.  The mortar and grout will be sampled and tested at a frequency of no less  than 5,000 sq. ft. of wall area in accordance with ASTM C-780 and C-1019, respectively.


· Perform periodic structural steel inspections for anchor rods/bolts, bolted connections, and welded  connections.  (Services that are required to be inspected by a CWI or require the use of more technical  testing techniques such as Ultrasonic Testing (UT) will be subcontracted to qualified personnel).


· Perform sprayed on fireproofing (SFRM) testing and inspections services, when applicable.  The SFRM inspection will include verifying in the field that the correct thickness has been applied per the contract documents and fire proofing submittals, perform cohesion/adhesion testing and density testing at frequencies outlined in the IBC building code.


· Inspect, when applicable, wood construction for compliance with the contract documents. These inspections generally include verifying the correct grade of plywood and trusses are being used, the  correct  truss designation is being installed, the correct hangers and straps are being installed as designed,  and verify that any broke or defective pieces are replaced or corrected as modified by the appropriate  design professional.


Engineers: architectural, geotechnical, civil, planners & designers

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