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BAES - Engineers: Architectural, Geotechnical,

Civil, Planners & Designers

BAES offers a variety of house designs from Colonial to Cape Cod, from Victorian to Contemporary, we can make you dreams come true.

BAES works directly with the owner, contractor, or developer to develop a quality comprehensive custom design. By providing comprehensive design services, we can provide quality control throughout the design and construction process. Based on the scope and nature of the project, we can provide construction management and design build services.

BAES develops comprehensive designs for single family, multi-family residential and small businesses. All designs are in the latest CAD format (Computer Aided-Design) allowing for quick and easy modification of new or existing designs. As an additional service, most designs can be rendered and modeled in AutoCad Architecture so the client can see their design before it is built. Over the years, BAES has standardized various designs to utilize as spec houses. Make your dreams come true with a comprehensive custom design by BAES





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Engineers: architectural, geotechnical, civil, planners & designers

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