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Onsite Services:

Using experience and knowledge of previous explorations to devise an appropriate method and scope of exploration for your site investigation. Following field exploration and laboratory analysis, the subsurface conditions of your site are evaluated for the intended site development. Our repertoire includes pavement design and evaluation, shallow spread footing foundations, mat foundations, driven and auger-cast piles and drilled piers. Ground improvement methodologies, such as dynamic compaction, grouting, soil additives and geosynthetics, have been especially useful tools in our store of methods to conserve your time and money on difficult projects. 

We remain committed to you by providing expert advice from development inception through design and construction. Our participation during the earliest phases of a project often results in significant cost savings for you, particularly on marginal or difficult sites. Construction materials testing (field quality control) and non-destructive testing help to determine conformance to project specifications during construction, thus preventing costly damages resulting from substandard materials and/or unsatisfactory materials installation.




Water proofing

Steel & Reinforcing

Onsite Services/ Special Inspections



Engineers: architectural, geotechnical, civil, planners & designers

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 Onsite Services:

· Foundation subgrade evaluations and structural fill monitoring

· Perform reinforcing steel and anchoring device inspections

· Monitor cast-in-place concrete per ASTM standards

· Perform SFRM testing and inspections services

· Inspect wood construction for compliance

      with the contract documents

· Subsurface investigations

· Foundation evaluations

· Onsite material inspections

· Laboratory testing