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Text Box: Engineers: architectural, geotechnical, civil, planners & designers
we can make your dreams come true.
BAES is an Architectural Engineering business specializing in custom residential design and small business design. Developing comprehensive designs for single family, multi-family residential, and small businesses that address our client’s specific requirements, needs and most of all, their dreams. 
At BAES, we are dedicated to being a service-oriented company. Working directly with the owner, contractor, or developer to develop a quality custom design. We are dedicated from schematic design to working drawings, which allows us to provide quality custom designs for construction purposes. All designs are in the latest CAD format (Computer Aided-Design) allowing for quick and easy modification of new or existing designs. So, make your dreams come true with a custom design by BAES.

Small Business design

Engineers: architectural, geotechnical, civil, planners & designers

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